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ccd1a   Critter Cam Diaries 1a

  underwater hockey uwh video
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cps   Club Play Samples

  underwater hockey uwh video
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mel000   Minds' Eye Lectures 000

  underwater hockey - simplified
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mel001   Minds' Eye Lectures 001

  underwater hockey - teamshape
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Critter-Cam Diaries is a Dynamic Camera Concept, thought up as a way of taking a spectator for a ride on the back of a player to get a close-up-and-personal view of uwh (low competitive club game) interactions. The Critter-Cam was designed to be in 'space' behind the players head and working arm for a very particular reason..... being..... to offer the spectator a good reference to the busy movement of a players' arm (working) and head (looking around) from a relatively non moving (therfore more comfortable) view point. Comfortable in as much as it is a dynamic view point... a quirky, unusual view point.
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This is designed to be a ride... a dynamic view point... not a smooth armchair view. It is also a collection of edited snippits of club game play... not a continuous game story, but none the less, it was thought may bring a unique angle.
The overlays on the video give a few pointers to what is going on.
The player is not top world class, so dont get high and mighty.... to hold the view point, gaffer tape was wrapped around chest.... and removed........ Ouch!

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