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ccd1a   Critter Cam Diaries 1a

  underwater hockey uwh video
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cps   Club Play Samples

  underwater hockey uwh video
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mel000   Minds' Eye Lectures 000

  underwater hockey - simplified
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mel001   Minds' Eye Lectures 001

  underwater hockey - teamshape
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Game Filming Criteria 3 of 7


Club Play Samples is the first production created using the footage taken whilst trialing the Multi Cam Pod System over the summer and autumn of 2005. It shows footage collected from a selected underwater Primary Camera Configuration. The selected configuration was concluded from the projects' research of sports media, underwater optics, knowledge of the uwh game itself and the missing yet desired aim.................. comfortable spectatorship.
In this trial, the mid camera comprised all the components concluded to be the minimum acceptable criteria. In full config, all 3 should have no less.
If you are interested in knowing the criteria, contact:


A few typical moves from underwater hockey at club level sessions are demonstrated here....
Black and white 'pusher sticks' determine who's on which side... anything else at club level is usually a chaos of 'any' & 'all' colours!
At club level, having either a black or white pusher stick is enough to reveal who is on whos side (for the players, anyway). At comp level it becomes clearer still as the hats are assigned to match the pusher colour.

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