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JADE Goodie or Baddie?

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Joined: 27 May 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2007 1:49 pm    Post subject: JADE Goodie or Baddie? Reply with quote

Poor Jade in the house, is it bullying or not ?!

"Carphone" warehouse pulled out, "perfume" Gone

I dont think she is clever enough to know if she is a bully \ predudice or otherwise. I think she has changed from her first appeareance and it shows in this latest episode. Surprised

very big headed sometimes - but probably is totally unaware of this and needs some guidence and will understand what others see is not always the real person. tried to manipulate and control and likes to perform in front of others knowing she has the support from present house "mates". Exclamation

younger end follow "danelle" supports Jade subconciously and then conciously with others denies that she is bully or otherwise and thinks that shilpa is a nice person and means well. I can see where they are coming from, she means well........however in front of jade danelle is happy to express that shilpa is other things from nice, this gives jade strength, jade is jealous of sheilpa and this shows through in frustration, possibly something that only jade knows why....... it could be down the shilpias looks, personality, and other characteristics which she envies and would like to be a part or more closely associated with herself. Wink

No doubt big brother does help to highlight the fuller picture, as george orwell 1984 - Truer stories how can they be doubted, a chance writter with a good imagination - or did he know it - or beleive what the future is like? not a fantisie tho, more luck than judgement.

Followers of the story will be able to see that shelipa has been none antagonistic in the approach to dealing with issues - she has tried to be diplomatic, thoughtful and is willing to bring an end to the situation, but this did seem to a oneside affair and is infact a truth. Very Happy

perfume losses Jade - shame business is hard to recover once reputations have been damaged, as in goodies case it has been taken out of context, perhaps.. who knows but i am sure that extra security will be placed on jades house or her mothers house to stop people from walking straight in... something that could be staged to gain more publicity and to claim jade is an innocent victom of her own success and her 'pig' habbits are not evidence of evil its just she has had a hard life which is what is been placed by others. Of course the police involvement will be mininmal or will never occur because the event never happened, but the media will be brought into the equation.

has jade goodie still good or is she jade baddie.........

like the man from vicar of dibble says and she does it herself.....

ur ur no no no no no yes ..... no no no no yes Confused

Generic info for generic readers - it all so funny for the people who are in with JADE but is shilpa laughing - fair play to Ian and the he he i am the man in the mirror brother jamain, very fair people and can see whet happened .... they like to be honnest

Ian said: Jades treatment of shilpia is "shocking" Shocked

percecution by jade supporters by some small time followers.... on shilpia till she crys or visably becomes upset.... Crying or Very sad

*Big brother could be classed as form of 'stalking' and is reality TV, where as other forms are merely fantaised or over exadurated by others and never take place and have never happened* Twisted Evil

C4 statmt this refects society maybe in danelles case where she is young from liverpool area and is easierly lead or distracted from what she likes, or would like to be more involved with, however is in fear of reprisals of the rest of group, i.e. what will they say if she left to become sheilpias friend.... whhooooooo nooo Rolling Eyes

Big brother a news subject which has little importance in real life and a staged event. Arrow

5 million viewers - 27, 000 complaints small numbers very minority 0.5 % hardly a problem, does not really present the views of the who public

keep watchin \ or switch off and only become interested when the programs issues become a national problem supported by governing bodies and allowed to continue to operate. does Gordon brown know anything - inflation is running at 3% gord do one... pulling wool over the eyes of the nation..... Evil or Very Mad

definintions of whet is likely to have happened, and the last part of the below section is important to pin pointing the measures of threat to an individual.

The word mobbing is preferred to bullying in continental Europe and in those situations where a target is selected and bullied (mobbed) by a group of people rather than by one individual. However, every group has a ringleader. If this ringleader is an extrovert it will be obvious who is coercing group members into mobbing the selected target. If the ringleader is an introvert type, he or she as in jades case is likely to be in the background coercing and manipulating group members into mobbing the selected target; introvert ringleaders are much more dangerous than extrovert ringleaders. It is important to recognise the fi anl results of been bullied, which of course denialable in some situation but its difficult considering jade has such a big mouth.


JADE i dont hate you never have, i love and you are always welcome at my house Embarassed if you need to run away from the attention of the media X X X Wink

You are still a big celebrity in my eyes and always was....... I was you numer one Friendly FAN JADE LOVE is only a word actions are an expression of Love and thought and I forgive you for what happened with shilipa (and). Cool

I bet jamaine jackson is missing his sister Janet.... now she is and has always been welcome to my house for tea..... love her style cut out the pain of what happened with micheal and jacko it in... i dont wana be her friend because she is a famous rock star... i just wana be her friend to get to know the real kind person she is or was or can be... or that i know exists : you can only hope that she comes to you......................unlikely or not i think Idea its ok she has her own life, she chooses but at least talk to the ordinary fans Crying or Very sad one more time pls
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Joined: 27 May 2006
Posts: 36
Location: UK

PostPosted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 12:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

glad that it all turned out ok for shilpia, now she is out of the house.

What an I-KON for any aspiring adult male or female in the world of modelling or acting.
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