Promoting the game of underwater hockey (octopush) to develop a spectatorship
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Swimming Pools fitted with multi cam and screens

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2005 11:56 am    Post subject: Swimming Pools fitted with multi cam and screens Reply with quote

in 2001 the concept of getting underwater hockey filmed properly was devised whilst at uni

in 2002 a design had been devised that incorporated a study of:
1. Underwater Hockey
2. Media Sport-Filming
3. Underwater Science and engineering

The design was developed to allow the dynamics of the game to be transferred from below water to a comfy spectator.

in Dec 2005 the concept became a product. the camera pods were commited to engineering production and the multi cam system was tested with sample shots.
These tested the theory of Primary cameras to tell the 'story' of a game/moves and the theory of secondary cameras to show dynamic areas of a game (like around the goal mouth etc)

for a no-budget project, the product proved a good result that the research and development in theory was correct and would help promote this, otherwise unseen game of underwater hockey, to a comfortable spectator.

See 'About' section in website. Or 'Filming the game', in the 'features section of same site.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Splendid idea.
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 5:03 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

There was a camera system I read about that ran a series of lens underwater around the swimming pool. These were connected to a computer software program that monitor movement.
The algorithms were set around ''usual movement on surface and underwater''.
If a swimmer was on the bottom for too long with ''not the usual'' movement - the alarm would go off, alerting the lifeguards to the potential 'possible' that a drowning could/has occurred in the pool.

It good fair reveiws as useful - balanced with 'pervy' aspect of being watched underwater.

I wondered if underwater hockey was played in this pool, if the computer would sound the alarm for being too 'eratic from the norm' behaviour!

Seeing the gameplay would be fun, but am aware and do subscribe to the project that is going on with this website and the use of proper cameras, on proper pods so the game itself is followed. Great idea. Sure others will follow (and some will try stealing idea!).

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:12 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

re wodgers post
I saw that on a TV program. A good bit of thinking for safety aspect and may give a glimpse of underwater hockey, if played in such a pool.

I think the proper camera systems are the ideal way forward because they will get the game to a TV audience and so promote the game to a ''well-known'' level.

my post about cameras for the game of uwh:
On the forum, before the May crash there was something about the seethegame project camera pod system (a great idea to get the game seen by a comfortable spectator).
It also recorded that the people who are paying to get cameras in the water so the underwater hockey Worlds of 2006 in Shefield will be seen, have relied on the research and development of the seethegame project to get any hope of producing footage.
They were freely given the info in 2004. The info was easily taken, but then their attitude was to try to deny any credit to the guy who conceived and developed the best method of getting good footage to a spectator.
Once, on the side of their local pool, the stg guy heard talk of his project as 'their own' (the worlds management)- when he commented on this, the representative of the worlds video project said ''we steal ideas, that's what we do.''

Ironically that was in the Autumn of 2005, just before the seethegame guy had struggled to get enough funding to build his cam-pods and test his theory. The test were done in Dec and worked really well, giving a good reward for all the research for the comfort of the spectator in mind.
The irony being the worlds people tested their gear just after and theirs had failed to put effort into building the key point of the research they stole - make the system follow the game and do the work, not the spectator! their system was static cams surrounding an arena, through which the game was played. It was hard to watch and the play would be in and out of frame all the time - awful and uncomfortable to watch. (wasted money as well).
They had to email the seethegame guy to ask for help on how to get the same camera footage that reflected the game well. [Of course, what they really needed to know was which huge bits they had not been clever enough to steal, or dumbly arrogant enough to think the spectator wont notice if they cannot be bothered to build the full researched criteria!].

I know it was made a requirement that they ask in writing, not by the attempted phone calls (wise move, me thinks). For the good of the game, the stg guy then told them what his trials had proved and told them what they need to do to get results good enough for the spectators (Not to cheat the spectator by not providing 'Primary Cameras' and the 'Cam-Pods' needed for their correct placement in a complete system.

I may waffle on a bit more, a bit later - It's a sort of David and Goliath story, if the truth be told - and it will. Wink

Floater Cool
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